Our way of working

From dialogue to mutual relationship

Initial meeting
After a mutual decision to start a business relationship is made, an initial meeting is arranged, in which facts are gathered and needs are tested. The primary purpose of this meeting is for us to gain full understanding of your situation and wishes. We identify your goals in life, any personal circumstances, aspirations as well as family and business matters.
Processing facts
We analyze and internally process the information gathered and past discussions. We collect and evaluate all relevant personal and financial information and determine your perceived risks.
We map out and analyze your current situation with the purpose of identifying a suitable plan.
After the preparatory work has been completed, we will present an action plan containing our independent expert recommendations.
We approve the action plan and implement the strategies decided in order to achieve the set goals.
To us, the personal meeting is fundamental. In addition to the formal follow-up-meeting, we will stay in touch; both unconditionally and as specific needs occur.